Angola Center Finland

The Capoeira Angola Center Finland is affiliated to an international capoeira group led by Mestre João Grande. The founder of the Capoeira Angola Center, Mestre João Grande, lives in New York, where he teaches at his academia.

Other affiliate groups are located in Italy, Serbia, Japan, and in California, Illinois and Colorado (USA). All groups practice the traditional Capoeira Angola style taught by Mestre João Grande.


João Grande

Mestre João Grande is a master of Capoeira Angola and a student of the legendary Mestre Pastinha. Mestre João Grande has dedicated his life to Capoeira Angola — he has been practicing the art for more than 50 years. He has been making the art of Capoeira Angola known not only in Brazil but also in Africa, Europe and in North America.

Mestre João Grande teaches Capoeira Angola the traditional way – as a way of life – just like his teachers did before him. In 1990 he founded the Capoeira Angola Center in New York, where he has his academy.