Capoeira Angola is an ancient afro-brazilian martial art. It has smooth, dance-like moves which are performed very close to the ground. Players use various moves such as kicks, dodges, take downs, head butts and cartwheels. Playing traditional musical instruments and singing are an essential part of Capoeira Angola — music is the heart of capoeira angola game. Capoeira Angola was one of the many cultural ways to brake the chains of slavery in Brasil. Capoeira Angola was considered too powerful and it was therefore forbidden for over 400 years. It had to practiced in secrecy. Capoeira Angola was legalized in the 1930’s. Mestre Pastinha (1889-1982) is considered as the father of Capoeira Angola and he was devoted to maintain and carry on the tradition of this afro-brazilian martial art. He     used Capoeira Angola as a way to know and control oneself better.